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Free Open Source AV TECH CCTV DVR Client

Supported DVR Models

The following specific AV TECH CCTV DVR models have been tested and are known to work with the latest release of snavtclient:

  • AV TECH AVC 785
  • AV TECH AVC 760 (old versions)

The following models are likely to work without modifications:

  • AV TECH AVC 783
  • AV TECH AVC 785/785D
  • AV TECH AVC 787
  • AV TECH AVC 787/787D

The following models are likely to work, possibly after minor modifications:

  • AV TECH AVC 732

The following models are known not to work:

  • AV TECH 940 and related models (new protocol)
  • pretty much all new models introduced after 2008

The same DVRs are being sold under other brand names as well (for example Swann). You might find out that this software works with other DVR brands too if the OEM is AVTECH. The CCTV video streaming protocol used by these DVR devices is proprietary and there is no public documentation (except the source code) available about it. The protocol support was implemented by performing protocol analysis.

Please report any success or failures with specific brands and models you have tested to the author. Please include the brand name and model number indicated outside of your DVR unit as well as the output of the snavtclient --info command in your report.

Patches for supporting additional DVR models are greatly appreciated.

The author may be available to develop support for your specific DVR model or to implement additional features. In this case please contact the author to discuss your needs.

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