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Free Open Source AV TECH CCTV DVR Client


This page contains a collection of links to useful information about AV TECH DVRs and other snavtclient related topics.

AV TECH Corporation

AV TECH Corporation is Taiwanese manufacturer of reasonably priced DVR equipment. You need to have one of their products if you want to use this software :).

AV TECH FTP site with some software downloads is available at:

CCTV Forum

CCTV forum is the biggest industry discussion forum in the internet. It is a great source of information about all kinds of CCTV systems and other related stuff.

Scorpion's DVR JAVA APP

Scorpion Audio, Video, and Security has made a freely available DVR JAVA APP available. It is designed to work with AVTECH DVRs as well. I encourage you to have a look at it also before making your choice! The author is an active participant at CCTV Forum.

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