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Free Open Source AV TECH CCTV DVR Client


The current main functions of snavtclient are:

  • Displaying the DVR video stream.
  • Switching security camera channels and display modes with quick and logical keyboard commands.
  • Controlling most DVR functions with a keyboard (similar fast user experience as when using the infra-red remote control, no clicking around with the mouse).
  • Saving video frames to individual JPEG files.
  • Time synchronization (setting DVR date and time from OS time).
  • Showing information about the DVR device.
  • Storing file attachments in alarm e-mails sent by the device (a separate optional Perl script).

Planned Features

The following features are currently unimplemented and are planned for future releases:

  • Retrieving detailed information about the DVR device.
  • Threads based model (separate threads for network, decoding and user interface).
  • Local visual and audible alarms.
  • Saving the video stream to disk (format TBD).
  • Automatic detection of video modes with interlacing or half-size frames.
  • Arbitrary DVR video display size scaling.
  • Image contrast enhancement mode (useful in low-light conditions with or without infra-red night vision cameras).
  • Retrieving the event log from the device.
  • M$ Windows support.
  • Client based zooming with mouse.
  • Client-based instant replay (keep last N seconds of CCTV video in local memory buffer so that it can be replayed by user request).

The following features may or may not be implemented at some point, contributions are welcome:

  • GUI controls for setting up everything (instead of command-line).
  • OpenGL support (to help architectures where this is the only accelerated mode).
  • Monitoring the DVR for events and performing pre-defined actions based on the events.
  • Showing recent event log entries on display together with CCTV video stream.
  • Receiving and playing audio from the DVR (audio may or may not be available through the network, it is TBD - if not, we can always run an audio cable from the DVR to a computer somewhere nearby...)
  • Trans-coding the video stream for re-transmission over slower network links.
  • DVR configuration control.
  • PTZ control.
  • Backups.
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