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Free Open Source AV TECH CCTV DVR Client

Required Libraries

Simple Directmedia Layer

The program depends heavily on Simple Directmedia Layer library also known as SDL as well as the additional SDL_net and SDL_image libraries. They are freely available. See for more information. I would like to thank Sam Lantinga for his excellent work.

Recent versions of snavtclient have been tested with the following library versions:

  • SDL 1.2.12 and 1.2.13
  • SDL_net 1.2.7
  • SDL_image 1.2.6

The SDL_image library needs to include a support for the JPEG image format. Therefore you will need The Independent JPEG Group's freely available JPEG software libraries as well. The development environment consists of version 6b of this library. See for more information.

Perl optional

The optional DVR e-mail handling script requires a relatively modern version of Perl interpreter and also the Email::Simple and Email:MIME modules. See and for more information. The prototype of this software was written in Perl, but the author found the Perl SDL API quite lacking, and after all... maybe Perl is still not the best choice for making a video viewer :). For everything else I still use Perl. Thank you Larry Wall!

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