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Free Open Source AV TECH CCTV DVR Client


snavtclient is free open source network client program for security surveillance CCTV camera digital video recorders (DVRs) manufactured by the AV TECH Corporation.

The author was unimpressed of the features and the performance of the bundled Video Server E software and the web based Java application included with his AVTECH DVR and decided to write this software instead. At that time there were no alternative client programs than the ones supplied by the manufacturer.

The software currently runs on FreeBSD and some GNU/Linux distributions but should be easily portable to any modern Unix like operating systems.

Much emphasis in the design of the program was put on efficiency and small memory footprint. The aim was to create a program which can be used also on obsolescent hardware to provide remote displays. SDL library which is used for video output is very flexible in the choice of video drivers. You can use SDL with X11 or without X11 on plain console. You can even use it with DEC VT100 by using aalib video driver although the video quality might be slightly degraded then :).

The software is currently functional but still in early stages of development and distributed in source code format only. Please see the list of currently implemented features for more information.

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